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Fashion Design

Clubs and Activities

Clubs and activities

Clubs play an integral part in the social lives of FIT students. Student club activities make up an important part of student life for FIT SUNY Korea students. FIT SUNY Korea clubs offer students the opportunity to further develop their interests and passions in a variety of fashion-related areas. FIT students find community in 6-clubs student clubs and organizations on campus. These clubs connect students with shared interests, identities, and perspectives.

Club activities will enrich your student experience and help you grow as a person. There is a wide range of clubs available, focusing on body research, 3D technology, publishing, retailing and sustainability.

Students often join these clubs during their first year to pursue their passions and make friends that can last a lifetime. By spending time together and contributing to a group effort, students are able to connect with like-minded people who share the same opinions, ideas, or interests.

Students are allowed to join more than one club as a member and may also run for an elected officer position. At the beginning of each spring semester, learn more by attending the Club Fair.

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The mission of the Merchandising Society club is to enhance our members’ college experience by exposing them to all facets of the fashion industry. We do this through experience with community service, fundraising, networking opportunities, corporate visits, and collaboration with outside companies.

The Merchandising Society operates the on-campus boutique, located on the 6th floor of the C building at the FIT SUNY Korea campus. The Retail Revolution shop was created by the Merchandising Society to provide students with “real world” retail experience. Students serve as buyers, managers, designers, retail sales associates, marketing, and other key industry roles. The shop curates our store’s very own product development, and an assortment of must-have products.


  • Erin Lee - President
  • Soomin Ryu - Vice President
  • Sanyo Visaysouk - Secretary
  • Jean Kim - Treasurer

Prospective Students:

Send us an e-mail at with any questions you might have; we would be happy to chat!


The Natural Dye Garden Club (NDGC) is a student-run organization dedicated to developing sustainable approaches to textile and fashion design.

The natural dye garden project addresses global challenges and underscores FIT's commitment to sustainability. The project involves a roof top dye/plant garden which also incorporates rain collection and composting. The Rooftop Natural Dye Garden is connected to the Fiber Research and Natural Dye laboratory, where teams of students perform natural dye research using organic compounds produced by living organisms.

Global textile production places an alarmingly heavy burden on this planet's resources. Excess water use, toxic effluents, the use of petrochemicals on fiber plants as well as in synthetic dyes, and intensive farming practices are all problems that directly contribute to climate change. In this project, student design-teams at FIT SUNY Korea will discover new dying methods through hands-on exploration of natural plants, and more importantly, give the FIT population a tangible way to move away from these practices.


  • Nicole Martinez - President
  • Namwoo Kim - Vice President
  • Beatrice Xuan - Secretary
  • Yeaji Cha – Treasurer

IVY, which stands for I Visualize You, is a magazine club from the Fashion Institute of Technology SUNY Korea campus. We strive to deliver high-quality and thoughtful fashion and lifestyle content. The club brings together a diverse group of members across Incheon Global Campus to create dynamic editorials, interview students and professionals in the industry, and capture campus life events.

Ivy is FIT SUNY Korea’s premier publication. The Ivy club produces a bi-annual magazine containing members' inspired articles on a chosen theme. Each issue focuses on topics such as campus life, fashion, local events, art, media, and culture. Ivy also includes interviews with noted luminaries from around the globe.

This club is for those individuals who are curious about the creation, production, and distribution of a magazine publication. The Ivy magazine team is comprised of editors, writers, administrative executives, designers, photographers, and illustrators.


  • Lizzie Lee - President
  • - Vice President
  • - Secretary
  • - Treasurer
Artisanal Textile Club (ATC)
Artisanal Textile Club (ATC)

The Artisanal Textile Club (ATC) is a student-run organization dedicated to practicing and developing textile manipulation and alteration techniques.

In this club, students learn how to implement innovative techniques of textile manipulation and develop new ideas which make their future garment designs stand out. The Artisanal Textile Club provides a creative space for students to experiment with different qualities of fabric such as thermo-plasticity, resulting in the changes of texture and shape.

Students learn to put a creative twist on the very medium of fashion — fabric, and expand their knowledge on textiles in the field of design.


  • President: Anezka Rysava
  • Vice-President: Esmeralda Leiva
  • Treasurer: Jio Lee
  • Start a new club or organization
    Start a new club or organization

    Recognized FIT clubs and organizations have the privilege of using campus resources for meetings, programs, and activities. To create or found a new FIT club or organization, you must be a current degree-seeking FIT student. Your new club or organization may not replicate the mission of existing clubs or organizations.

    New club or organization applications will be accepted and reviewed at multiple points during the academic year.

    To have a new club or organization recognized, you must complete the following steps.
    1. 1.Attend a new club information session.
    2. 2.Submit an application
    3. 3.Meet with the New Club and Organization Review Committee.
    4. 4.Attend the student senate meeting at which new clubs or organizations are approved.

    If you have questions about starting a new club or organization, the Student Services Team can answer any questions.