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Fashion Design

AAS Degree Program

School of Art and Design

Applications accepted for fall. NYSED: 00835 CIP: 50.0407

The program is designed to enable students to evolve successfully as creative womenswear apparel design leaders and brand-builders through creative application of design knowledge acquired using experimental learning. The program is progressive and leads to the development of the student's own aesthetics. Successful students will be able to adapt and apply their acquired knowledge to the evolving fashion industry, related design fields, and other creative careers not yet imagined. Curriculum below is for the entering class of Fall 2023.

Fashion Design AAS Degree Program - Semester 1, Credits
Semester 1 Credits
MAJOR AREA FD 117 - Design Studio I - Introduction to Draping 2
FD 133 - Materials and Construction I 2
FF 111 - Visual Design Concepts I 2
FF 143 - Digital Design Studio 3
RELATED AREA TS 131 - Textile Principles for the Fashion Designer 3
ART HISTORY choice - see Requirements* 3
GENERAL EDUCATION choice - see Requirements* 3
Semester 2
MAJOR AREA FD 127 - Design Studio II - Soft Draping 3
FD 134 - Materials and Construction II 2
FF 121 - Fashion Research and Inspiration 2
FF 161 - Fashion Art Studio 3
RELATED AREA FA 116 - Creative Media 2
GENERAL EDUCATION choice - see Requirements* 6
Semester 3
MAJOR AREA FD 217 - Design Studio III - Structured Draping 3
FD 243 - Apparel Design Studio - Patternmaking 3
FF 211 - Visual Design Concepts III 2
FF 245 - Digital Design: Flats and Floats 1.5
ART HISTORY choice - see Requirements* 3
GENERAL EDUCATION choice - see Requirements* 3
Semester 4
MAJOR AREA Apparel Concentration 1 6.5
GENERAL EDUCATION choice - see Requirements* 6
Total Credits: 64
Apparel Specialization - Apparel Specialization, Credits
Apparel Specialization Credits
FD 227 Design Studio IV: Advanced Draping 3
FD 244 Design Development: Digital Communication and Management 1.5
FF 212 Visual Design Concepts IV 2
Total Credits 6.5

*Fall 2024 Requirements :

See below

FIT's General Education and Art History Requirements for Art and Design Associate Degree Programs:

  • Three (3) credits EN 131 meets SUNY GE: Communication-Written (COMW) and Communication-Oral (COMO)
  • Three (3) credits of any 200- or 300-level English literature or speech course
  • Three (3) credits SUNY GE: Mathematics (and Quantitative Reasoning) (MATH)
  • Three (3) credits SUNY GE: Natural Science (and Scientific Reasoning) (NSCI)
  • Three (3) credits SUNY GE: Diversity: Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice (DVRS) excluding History of Art (HA) courses.
  • Three (3) credits HA 118
  • Three (3) credits any History of Art course
  • Three (3) credits from SUNY General Education courses in any of the following areas excluding History of Art (HA) courses.
    • SUNY GE: Social Science (SOCS)
    • SUNY GE: US History and Civic Engagement (USCV)
    • SUNY GE: Humanities (HUMN)
    • SUNY GE: The Arts (ARTS)
    • SUNY GE: World History and Global Awareness (GLBL)
    • SUNY GE: World Languages (WLNG)

See list of Gen Ed approved courses under NEW FIT's General Education Requirements and Courses. An FIT Gen Ed course cannot be used to meet more than one General Education area.

Certain majors require specific courses. Please review your DARS audit to determine if a particular course is required by your major to meet General Education credits.

** Related Area Electives: 1.5 credits (minimum)

FA 116 or CHOICE of another Fine Arts course

Upper Division Alternatives:

Graduates of this program are eligible to apply for admission to the Bachelor of Fine Arts programs in Fabric Styling, Fashion Design-Children's Wear, Fashion Design-Intimate Apparel, Fashion Design-Knitwear, Fashion Design-Special Occasion, Fashion Design-Sportswear, Textile/Surface Design, and Toy Design, and the Bachelor of Science programs in Production Management: Fashion and Related Industries, Technical Design, and Textile Development and Marketing.