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Our Students Speak English


FIT students speak and read fluent english

The demand for bilingual employees is growing. Bilingual or multilingual employees can be a company’s greatest asset, especially for organizations with worldwide offices or those with international clientele.

With so much business being conducted online, many companies now serve a global market. As such, it’s a great benefit for businesses to hire employees who speak more than one language. The more customers you can communicate with, the more of an asset you are to them.

In today’s global economy, businesses require employees who can serve customers in a variety of languages. Unfortunately, the number of job seekers who are fluent in multiple languages is not keeping up with the demand. This is where FIT students stand out. Our students stand apart from the rest and can help you to successfully compete in a global marketplace.

All FIT students are bilingual or multilingual. Our students are viewed as having excellent communication and problem-solving skills because of their experience in developing a second language while maintaining command of their native tongue. Having FIT employees who are able to speak multiple languages gives your company a leg up in a competitive, fast-paced, quickly evolving, and trend-setting industry.

Our students can assist with initial market testing, scoping the size of the market and attending any new business. They can help with cultural insights for meetings, communication methods, and building rapport. Additionally, they can assist with translation and localization. Our bilingual students can help develop target market content with their understanding of specific cultures and language translation skills.

Knowing another language has helped our students to think differently and consider different points of view. Our bilingual students tend to have a higher relational intelligence. This can add to the diversity of ideas in your organization, as well as change the dynamic of the culture in terms of organizational values, goals, and internal and external relationships. The mix of diverse backgrounds FIT offers, also brings a range of different talents and experiences resulting in a variety of creative concepts.

If your company is expanding or considering expanding overseas, an FIT bilingual student can help cement international relationships. If you want to outperform the competition, start by hiring FIT’s bilingual students and give your business a competitive edge.

FIT’s Bilingual advantage

  • 1.Bilinguals students are better at multitasking and prioritizing.
  • 2.Bilinguals students are able to process information faster and easier than monolinguals students.
  • 3.Bilinguals students are better at tasks that require conflict management.
  • 4.Bilingual students are better skilled at multitasking.